BMW Performance module "GENERATION II - RACE" for sporty demands


MotorWerk develops and produces parallel also easy to use engine tuning modules "Engineered in Germany" for more demanding BMW customers who need more than just daily driving with his vehicle enjoying reasonable performance and lower fuel consumption, but also from time to time visiting also the racetracks.

The MotorWerk
 "Generation II - RACE" modules provide maximum performance and are able to take care intensively of the functions of the engine. This is relevant to keep the motor in the green zone while driving sporty and in extreme conditions, as well as high loads. The MotorWerk "Generation II - RACE" modules are also manufactured in Europe and ensure market-leading results during extreme and sporty driving pleasure.


Our performance enhancement modules "Generation II - RACE" for BMW offer a secure and stable maximum performance. High torque peaks are electronically limited to avoid any excessive loads to the drivetrain; High performance gain and safe gear!

It's as easy as removing the module to go to the factory specifications and original condition of the engine again. The built-in module remains invisible to the engine control unit and allows easily all software updates, which offers the vehicle manufacturer subsequently.

There is constant communication between the factory engine electronics and the MotorWerk "Generation II - RACE" module. A quite extensive control of multiple sensors, acknowledgment systems and parameters, in the case of most BMW models a 6 channel digital system, including CAN-Bus, guarantee one of the most stable performance gains in the market. 

Any safety limits of oil or water temperature, boost pressure, etc. are constantly monitored, and also all protection parameters or emergency systems are of course preserved and taken into account.

Through the CAN-Bus, protection functions can be read and monitored, as well as the digital signals from the air flow meter. Thus, it is possible to activate the performance increase only if the driver wants it so. For example, while normal daily driving the engine performance stays like factory and the extra power only switches in milliseconds when needed, avoiding in this way constantly higher boost pressure or more fuel. This leads to the fact that herewith we protect much more the engine and gearbox at long term.


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