Standard performance module for petrol and diesel engines


Whether it is a petrol turbocharged or diesel engine of passenger cars, MotorWerk produces and develops innovative and user-friendly performance boxes "Engineered in Germany" for a worldwide distribution. Every MotorWerk electronic module is manufactured in Europe with the dedication of our experienced team and high-tech machines, giving the guaranty of an easy to handle and reliable product with competitive edge over our competitor.


    MotorWerk provides market-leading electronic systems with a simple plug&play principle. Constant use and future-oriented development have led to one of the most successful, intelligent electronic performance modules with efficient consumption, providing a simple formula of technological individuality for each customer with a perfect technical support.


    Our performance improvement modules generate up to 25% more power and torque, thus facilitating any overtaking situations with superior security, also with a trailer coupled due to the higher traction. It's as easy as uninstalling the module to return to the factory specifications and original condition of the engine again. The built-in module remains invisible to the engine control unit and allows easily all software updates, which the vehicle manufacturer sometimes offers.

Developing innovation


Our additional electronic units are based on the recalculation of injection time keeping the modus of factory function. Using all necessary signals from the original ECU, the MotorWerk module changes with a signal the injection duration and not the basic timing, which is done by the factory control unit ECU. The engine data is processed in real time and controlled by our microprocessors, optimizing additionally the fuel quantity by taking advantage of the vehicle´s factory excess air. Since no direct changing to the boost pressure is assured and all standard factory features and security parameters stay intact offering in this way maximum engine and gear box stability, the MotorWerk performance enhancement is with its 2 year warranty the best choice for any engine.

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